Purposeful Work
The most powerful images are created through connection. I connect with my clients by establishing trust, which allows me to mirror their true selves. Starting my own family, in addition to over two decades behind the camera, has deepened my curiosity about relationships and the human spirit. 

My Tools
I began my career with film. Today I take a hybrid approach, shooting both film and digital for every project. 

My Presentation
i include hundreds of final images and download access to high resolution files. print ordering and Custom albums available. 

My Story
I'm a San Francisco native. I received my BFA in Photography and Textiles from California College of the Arts. In 2010, I founded Archival Decor, a home goods brand based on my images. Archival Decor was carried at Pendleton, Neiman Marcus, Barneys and additional retailers. I live with my family in a Sebastopol farmhouse, in West Sonoma County, California. More can be found at westcountycalifornia.com.