Choosing Michelle Pattee as Your Photographer
No Substitute for Experience
I've been photographing events, portraits and additonal projects for over twenty three years. I'm familiar with a multitude of Bay Area wedding venues and have long standing relationships with numerous wedding vendors.
Being Photographed on Your Wedding Day
Most people don't enjoy having their picture taken. If that's you, I can change your opinion. I make it fun, fast and the results are beautiful. I calmly direct groups of all ages for family shots, wrangle packs of kids and coax even the most camera shy to smile. I am unobtrusive, yet always in the middle of the action.
My Tools
I shoot with medium format film and digital cameras. I learned the craft of photography on film. It has a distinctive look and it's worth the extra effort, to give my clients a unique presentation.
My Method
I guide my clients through a shoot with enthusiasm, authority and comedic timing. My goal is work which stands the test of time. I've stayed true to my inherent style, creating imagery that doesn't feel dated, as the years pass.
My Presentation
I include in my event photography contract:
- Hundreds of final images, in color and black and white
- Your portfolio presented with download access to all high resolution files
- Online print ordering, at very reasonable pricing
- Custom albums available
- Framing and In-Home Photography Placement service available

All bookings quoted on an individual basis. Please email me at michelle@michellepattee.com for pricing.

My Story
I'm a San Francisco native. I recieved my BFA in Photography and Textiles from California College of the Arts. I was the Founder/Creative Director of Archival Decor, a home goods brand based on my photographic images. Archival Decor was carried in major retailors such as Nieman Marcus, Barneys and Pendleton. I am Founder of West County California, products inspired by the beauty and beat of West Sonoma County. I live in a farmhouse in Sebastopol, California, with my husband and two children. Starting my own family, combined with several decades of purposeful work, has contributed to my visual sensibility and deepened my appreciation of generational relationships.